Our Vision

MallMotion is a solutions focused company seeking to revolutionize the consumer buying experience. Our patent pending MallMotion Engine enables businesses to deliver hyperlocal services using geofencing, dynamic content delivery, and personalized deals.

MallMotion's powerful demographic and clickstream analytics brings the omnichannel shopping experience from home to store - and everywhere in between.

Our Technology

Geofencing – We’re here!

"MallMotion geofence creates an invisible boundary around your business using GPS technology!"

When your customer's mobile device enters or leaves an area it breaks the "fence" and triggers pre-defined actions. Based on business rules you define, MallMotion delivers deals, information, and services directly to their location.

Hyperlocal Notifications – We’re There!

"MallMotion hyperlocal notifications brings your business to your customers - no matter where they are!"

Business has always been local. MallMotion brings this tradition to the internet. Relevant deals and services are delivered to your customer using precise, real-time location data. Making your business hyperlocal increases revenue, lower costs, and delights your customers anywhere and anytime!

Your customers live and work in multiple worlds, MallMotion omnichannel takes the shopping experience directly to your customers.

Customers demand a satisfying shopping experience regardless of which channel they use - in-store, web, mobile app, or call-center. MallMotion seamlessly blends the digital with the brick-and-mortar from home to store, and everywhere in between.

MallMotion brings the power of demographic and clickstream analytics to your fingertips to make better decisions faster!

If your customers are the heart of your business, good data is the lifeblood that makes it flourish. MallMotion's powerful analytics engine measures and analysts your key success indicators, and helps you adjust quickly to redefine your strategy and campaigns.

Industry Solutions

MallMotion's highly customizable and extensible platform melds new technologies with traditional ideas of excellent customer service, product availability, and a satisfying shopping experience to delight your customers.

Grocery Store

A baker's dozen - everyday!
MallMotion makes grocery shopping efficient. Your customers save time and money, so they have time to explore new things - buy a baked good, treat their family to a tasty dessert, or be adventurous with a new main dish.

Create Smart
Shopping Lists


Compare Prices With
Other Stores


Receive Personalized
Weekly Ads

HTML app template
HTML app template

Find Nearby Stores
And Track Favorites


Share and
Shop Recipes


Post Experiences
On Social Media


Shop Like a Boss!
Never let a deal pass your customer by just because your customer passed you by. MallMotion location technology combines preference, location, and product data to deliver deals when and where your customers can use it most.

Locate Shopping Centers
Near You


Single Click Directions
To Malls Near You


Add Your Favorite
Brands and Get Deals

HTML app template
HTML app template

Share with Friends
And Earn Badges


Dynamic Deal Notification
Based on Store Proximity


Share Your Savings
Via Social Media


Bon appetite!
MallMotion serves a seamless online-offline dining experience at the restaurant, on the web, and in the smartphone. Superior service, faster delivery, and order accuracy enhances the total dining experience which increases revenue per customer and establishes long-term diner loyalty.

Order Prep Triggered
By Customer Proximity


Build and Save
Dynamic Menus


View and Track
Trending Orders

HTML app template
HTML app template

Learn Popular
Menu Combinations


Use Analytics to
Build Customer Loyalty


Makes Reservations and
and view current wait times

Why MallMotion?

The MallMotion team is passionate about transforming brilliant ideas into solutions that change the way human beings live, work, play - and shop!

Our team is a seasoned mix of experienced entrepreneurs, technologists and business professionals who have seen and done everything, and young and energetic adults who see wonder and adventure in a rapidly changing world.

This combination is powerful and energetic - full of new ideas, and the discipline to delivery quality products and services.

As CONSUMERS, we want to increase the choices we have on what, how, when and where to buy the products we need and desire.

As BUSINESS PEOPLE, we know how customer loyalty can make or break a business, so we seek to empower customers with accurate, real-time data so they can make better purchasing decisions - faster!

As PARTNERS, we want to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. By working together, we want to grow your business while improving our products to make our clients successful.

In a word - MallMotion is AWESOME!

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